End Mills For Stainless Steel

The high-performance end mills for stainless steel offered by etfas are designed to minimize the impact of work hardening materials. These end mills have unique helix angle and optimized groove geometry, which can maximize metal removal rate in stainless steel and superalloy.

Variable groove end mills also perform well in stainless steel and work hardening materials. Moreover, stainless steel contains Si, Ni and other refractory metals, so its toughness and strength are very good.

End mills for stainless steel are used to machine shapes and holes on workpieces in milling, profiling, contour machining, slotting, counterbore, drilling and reaming applications. They are designed to have cutting teeth on both the face and the edge of the body and can be used to cut various materials in multiple directions. Learn more about the mill types offered by MSC and all the applications that can use them.

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