The Difference Between Micro Carbide Ball End Mill and bit
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The Difference Between Micro Carbide Ball End Mill and bit

1. Description of Micro Carbide Ball End Mill

The Difference Between Micro Carbide Ball End Mill and bit

Micro carbide ball end mill is mainly used for milling, such as milling surface, step surface, groove, forming surface and so on. The next milling cutter can also be used to cut, such as cutting milling cutter, saw blade milling cutter. The common diameter of Micro Carbide ball end milling cutter is 1 ~ 25, less than 1mm, often called micro small diameter milling cutter, such as 0.2 ~ 0.9 mm in diameter. Larger than 20mm diameter, the use of integral milling cutter costs higher, most will use the "tool bar + particles" , disk milling cutter and other ways to milling.

Common Milling Cutter has 1 edge, 2 edge, 3 edge and 4 edge. A few finishing touches require six blades.

According to the shape of the classification: micro carbide ball end mill can be divided into flat-bottom cutter, ball-end cutter, round nose cutter, formed milling cutter, Chamfer Cutter, t-shaped cutter, tooth-shaped cutter, rough skin milling cutter and so on.

2. Drill instructions

Drill bit is mainly used for drilling, drilling holes are divided into through hole and blind hole (respectively refers to the re-processing of the original hole, originally no hole to drill) . Generally, the machining size is 2 ~ 40mm. Commonly used bits are twist drill, flat drill, center drill, deep hole drill and casing drill. Reamers and countersinks do not drill on solid materials, but they are also traditionally classified as drill bits.

3. The main difference between micro carbide ball end milling cutter and bit

(1) different processing requirements: micro carbide ball end mill is mainly used for milling, and the drill is mainly used for drilling and reaming. Although in some cases, milling cutters can also be used for drilling, but not the mainstream.

(2) the structure is different; there are many kinds of micro carbide ball end mills, and the structure of different types of gongs is very different, not to mention compared with the bit.

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