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  • Who We Are

    Changzhou Aitefasi Tools Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise which specializes in design, manufacture and sale of solid carbide cutting tools. Such as, solid carbide drill bits, end mills and reamers. What’s more, customized cutting tools can be designed for the clients.

    Our main products are carbide milling cutter,solid carbide end mill,ball nose end mill,solid carbide drill,2 flute end mill...
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    Micro Carbide Ball End Mill is generally indispensable in industrial processing production, it has the irreplaceable role of other tools, let's learn what are the uses of Micro Carbide Ball End Mill? What are the advantages of Micro Carbide Ball End Mill?
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    The correct use of customized cutting tools end mill and the difference between drill bits
    The customized cutting tools end mill is designed to be used in the following ways.1.Customized cutting tools end mill clamping
    How to differentiate the use of different solid carbide milling cutters
    1.For solid carbide milling cutter with different number and length of cutting edges.Selection of the number of cutting edges.The number of cutting edges is selected according to the cutting method of solid carbide milling cutter.
    Carbide end mill high quality is the right way to use
    1.Carbide end mill high quality clamping.Carbide end mill high quality is usually coated with anti-rust oil when it leaves the factory, if non-water-soluble cutting oil is used when cutting, a mist oil film will be attached to the inner hole of the tool holder, when the oil film exists on both the shank and the tool holder, it is difficult for the tool holder to clamp the shank firmly, and the end mill will easily fall off during processing. Therefore, before the end mill is clamped, the shank of the end mill and the inner hole of the tool holder should be cleaned with cleaning liquid and dried before clamping.
    Common types of customized cutting tools end mill and precautions for use
    customized cutting tools end mill is a kind of milling cutter used very much on CNC machine tools. customized cutting tools end mill has cutting tools on both cylindrical surface and end face, they can cut simultaneously or separately. It is mainly used for flat milling, groove milling, step surface milling and profile milling.
    How to extend the service life of Tungsten carbide reamer
    During the machining process, a part of Tungsten carbide reamer has to be in physical contact with the workpiece and thus needs to withstand severe cutting temperatures and long-lasting friction. In addition to the material of Tungsten carbide reamer must have the ability to withstand such high cutting temperatures as well as cutting forces, how can we extend the service life of Tungsten carbide reamer in the process of use?
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