• Who We Are
  • Who We Are

    Changzhou Aitefasi Tools Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise which specializes in design, manufacture and sale of solid carbide cutting tools. Such as, solid carbide drill bits, end mills and reamers. What’s more, customized cutting tools can be designed for the clients.

    Our main products are carbide milling cutter,solid carbide end mill,ball nose end mill,solid carbide drill,2 flute end mill...
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    Latest News
    Customized Cutting Tools Mill End's main cutting edge is on a cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end face is a sub-cutting edge.
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    Introduction to Micro Carbide Ball End Mill
    Micro Carbide Ball End Mill is a kind of reasonable new structural cutter for machining complex curved surfaces on an NC machine tool.
    Selection method of solid carbide milling cutter geometry angle
    A solid carbide milling cutter is mainly used for milling upper surface, step, groove, forming surface processing, and cutting the workpiece.
    Cause and solution of vibration of solid carbide milling cutter
    Because there is a small gap between the solid carbide milling cutter and the cutter holder, the cutter may vibrate during the machining process.
    Points to note when using micro ball nose end mills
    Micro Ball Nose End Mills is generally used for face milling, rather than milling slot to use keyway cutter, the disc milling cutter is mainly used for large face milling.
    Clamping method of solid carbide milling cutter
    Solid carbide milling cutter is primarily used for machining surfaces, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting work pieces on milling machines.
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