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What is the difference between end mills and high-performance carbide end mills?
 Jul 01, 2022|View:968

High-Performance Carbide End Mills are used for machining grooves, step surfaces, etc. . The cutter teeth are on the circumference and end face. When High-Performance Carbide End Mills have end teeth through the center, they can be fed axially.

Face Milling Cutter is the milling cutter with the top processing, is a disc-type, can only use the end of the cutting edge.

High-performance carbide end mills

High-Performance Carbide End Mills for vertical finish machining: Milling Groove, spiral groove, and hole.

Face Milling Cutter and ball-end milling cutter are end milling cutters: milling plane, Groove

Simply speaking, high-performance carbide end Mills multi-purpose finishing drilling, milling groove. End milling cutter multi-purpose milling plane is a larger plane processing.

High-performance carbide end mills have a diameter of 2-50 mm and can be divided into two types of end mills: coarse and fine end mills. The end mills are top-machined cutters, which can only be machined with the edge of the end face. The main cutting edge of high-performance carbide end mills is on a cylindrical surface, the cutting edge on the end face is a vice-cutting edge, and is disc-shaped. Diameter 2-20 meters for the diameter range. High-Performance Carbide End Mills without a central edge can not feed along the axis of the milling cutter.

High-performance carbide end mills

High-performance carbide end mills cylinder shape is similar to a drill, with the upper blade of the arbor, cutting speed is slow, cutting depth is large, feed capacity is large, easy to vibration. End mills are commonly used for milling keyways, boss, through the center edge of the end mill can also drill holes, upward chip row.

End milling cutter disc shape, the three-sided blade also has on the blade of the cutter, cutting speed, cutting depth of small, small amount of walking knife. Large rigidity, basically used for milling plane, the large amount of cutting, most of the vertical cutting edge to the back row of chips, generally only radial feed, not axial drilling.

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