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What is a carbide twist drill?
 Jun 18, 2019|View:1689

Carbide twist drills have been developed rapidly to meet the requirements of high efficiency processing in automotive industry and processing of plastic reinforced glass circuit boards (PCB) in IT industry.

When drilling holes on PCB, the exit of holes should be free from glass fiber brushing. With the miniaturization of computers and mobile phones, the diameter of drills will be smaller. Now there are carbide twist drills with a diameter of 0.08mm.

carbide twist drill.jpg

Carbide twist drill is a kind of drilling tool with good toughness, high wear resistance, high efficiency, long life and high quality. But because the material is made of cemented carbide, it is more brittle than high-speed steel twist drill.

It is mainly used for hole processing of cast iron, stainless steel and difficult-to-machine materials.

Carbide twist drill is a tool for drilling round holes of workpiece by rotating cutting relative to fixed axes. It is named for its screw groove which resembles twist. Spiral grooves have 2 grooves, 3 grooves or more, but 2 grooves are the most common grooves. Twist drills can be clamped on hand-operated, electric hand-held drilling tools or drilling machines, milling machines, lathes and even machining centers.

Carbide twist drill classification: alloy-embedded twist drill, and overall alloy twist drill.

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