Custom Tooling Services.

Services are what put the “custom” in our name. We have everything you need to build custom tools, including design and engineering, all under one roof. In addition, we’re equipped and staffed to provide expedited service if needed.

  • Tool Regrinding: We regrind most types and sizes of cutting tools, including alterations in either HSS, solid carbide, or carbide tipped tools.

  • Tool Reconditioning: We are equipped to do retipping, refluting and other processes on tools that require more than the standard regrind.

  • Tool Coating: Tool coating can be applied to reground, reconditioned, or manufactured tooling for extended tool life.

  • Engineering: We have the experience and equipment to design tooling based on your part drawing and help you get optimum results for your machining process.

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  • Grinding: We provide surface, OD/ID and centerless grinding services.

  • Medical Tool Grinding: We are equipped for, and experienced at meeting the demands of tooling for medical applications.

  • Wire EDM: Our wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) equipment gives us the ability to make complex tools from hard metals that are difficult to machine with other methods.

  • 4-Axis Machining: Many of our CNC cutters are capable of multiple-axis operation, giving us the flexibility to machine complex geometries quickly and accurately.

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