Practicability of Carbide Twist Drill
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We know that the  carbide twist drill is made of a complete cemented carbide bar, which is processed from other materials such as the Biat automation equipment, cemented carbide welding equipment and so on.  

Carbide twist drills are widely used. They have the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, fast cutting speed, wear resistance and good red hardness. They are suitable for processing parts of various materials. According to the cooling structure, carbide twist drill can be divided into two types: non-cooling hole and cooling hole.

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1. Characteristic and application of carbide twist drill:

(1) Good rigidity, high strength, easy to obtain higher drilling accuracy.

(2) Cemented carbide bits can be suitable for drilling of more complex materials, and higher cutting speed can be selected.

(3) Effectively reduce the avalanche and have good wear resistance.

(4) Multi-layer geometric cutting edge can improve chip removal performance and maintain smaller cutting resistance.

(5) In addition to the commonly used right-angled shank, there are many shank types, which are suitable for various drilling rigs and drilling machines.

(6) Compared with indexable blade bit, the integral cemented carbide bit can be grinded 7-10 times.

2. Before choosing the main points of carbide twist drill to process parts, the type of carbide twist drill (P, M, K, S, N, etc.) should be selected according to the different material of the parts. If you want to produce more carbide twist drill, you can try out the automatic equipment - welding equipment of carbide twist drill. Secondly, according to the size and depth of drilling holes, different bit sizes and structures, such as two-edged, three-edged and X-shaped, are selected, and different cutting parameters are selected according to the accuracy of equipment and products.

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