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Characteristics and applications of carbide twist drill
 Jul 29, 2022|View:1165

In the process of practical application, we learned that the cemented carbide drill bit is made of a complete cemented carbide bar by precision grinding with a 5-axis automatic machining center. So what are the characteristics and applications of the carbide twist drill?

carbide twist drill

Features and uses of carbide twist drill.

(1) With good rigidity and high strength, it is easy to obtain high drilling accuracy.

(2) Cemented carbide bits can be suitable for drilling with more complex materials, and a higher cutting speed can be selected.

(3) Effectively reduce blade breakage and have good wear resistance.

(4) Multi-layer geometric cutting edge improves chip removal performance and maintains small cutting resistance.

(5) In addition to the commonly used right angle handle, there are a variety of handle types, which are suitable for a variety of drilling rigs and drilling machines.

(6) Compared with the indexable blade bit, the overall cemented carbide bit can be ground 7 ~ 10 times.

The carbide twist drill has a wide range of versatility. It has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, fast cutting speed, wear resistance, and good red hardness. It is suitable for processing parts of various materials. According to the cooling structure, carbide twist drills can be divided into two types: without cooling holes and with cooling holes.

Founded in 2004, eitfs is an enterprise specializing in the production of carbide twist drills, which has successfully helped more than 300 companies improve productivity. If you have a demand for the carbide twist drill, please contact us.

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