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Selection method of solid carbide milling cutter geometry angle
 Feb 16, 2022|View:504

A solid carbide milling cutter is a rotary cutter with one or more teeth for milling. When working, the cutter teeth sequentially cut off the remainder of the workpiece. A solid carbide milling cutter is mainly used for milling upper surface, step, groove, forming surface processing, and cutting the workpiece. There are many ways to choose the geometry of the solid carbide milling cutter, including the following:

solid carbide milling cutter

(1)choice of rake angle. The rake angle of the solid carbide milling cutter shall be based on the material of the tool and workpiece. Milling often has an impact, it should be guaranteed that the cutting edge has a higher strength. In general, the rake angle of a solid carbide milling cutteris smaller than that of a turning tool, the high-speed steel is larger than that of a hard alloy cutter, and the bigger rake angle should be taken in milling plastic materials because of the larger cutting deformation When milling brittle materials, the rake angle should be smaller; in the processing of high-strength, high-hardness materials, but also can use the negative rake.

(2)Selection of blade inclination angle. Solid carbide, milling cutter, outer-circle spiral angle beta, that's the angle lambda-s. This allows the cutter teeth to gradually cut in and out of the workpiece, improving the stability of milling. By increasing β, the actual rake angle is enlarged, the cutting edge is sharp, and the chip is easy to be discharged. For milling solid carbide cutter with narrow width, increasing spiral angle β is of little significance, so β= 0 or smaller value is generally chosen.

solid carbide milling cutter

(3)The choice of main deflection angle and auxiliary deflection angle. The effect of the solid carbide milling cutter's main deflection angle and its influence on the milling process is the same as that of the turning tool's main deflection angle. The main deflection angle is 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, the rigidity of the processing system is good, take small value, conversely, take big value, choose the main deflection angle as table 4-3 shows. The secondary deflection angle is usually from 5°to 10°. The solid carbide milling cutter has only the main cutting edge and no sub-cutting edge, so there is no sub-deflection angle and the main deflection angle is 90°.

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