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Cause and solution of vibration of solid carbide milling cutter
 Feb 15, 2022|View:1385

A solid carbide milling cutter is a rotary cutter with one or more teeth for milling. When working, the cutter teeth sequentially cut off the remainder of the workpiece. A solid carbide milling cutter is primarily used for machining surfaces, steps, grooves, forming surfaces, and cutting workpieces on milling machines.

Because there is a small gap between the solid carbide milling cutter and the cutter holder, the cutter may vibrate during the machining process. The vibration will cause the uneven cutting quantity of the solid carbide milling cutter, and the cutting extension is larger than the original value, which will affect the machining precision and the tool life. However, when the groove width is small, the tool can be vibrated purposefully and the required groove width can be obtained by increasing the cutting spread. In this case, the maximum amplitude of the solid carbide milling cutter should be below 0.02 mm, otherwise, it's impossible to make a stable cut. The smaller the vibration of the solid carbide milling cutterduring normal processing, the better.

solid carbide milling cutter

When there is tool vibration, should consider reducing cutting speed and feed speed, if both have been reduced by 40%, there is still a large vibration, should consider reducing the amount of eating knife.

If the resonance occurs in the machining parts, the reason may be due to factors such as excessive cutting speed, just small feed speed, insufficient cutting tools, insufficient clamping force, and the shape of the workpiece or the essentials of the workpiece clamping, etc., at this point should accept the adjustment of cutting parameters, add tool fragmentary stiffness, progressive feed speed, and other measures.

solid carbide milling cutter

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