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Points to note when using micro ball nose end mills
 Feb 14, 2022|View:943

The main cutting edge of micro ball nose end mills is the cylindrical surface, the cutting edge on the end face is the sub-blade, there is no center edge of the Micro Ball Nose End Mills when working along with the milling cutter axial movement, micro Ball Nose End Mills is now widely used in automobile manufacturing, logistics, mold, machinery, and other sectors.

Micro Ball Nose End Mills

Micro Ball Nose End Millsis generally used for face milling, rather than milling slot to use keyway cutter, the disc milling cutter is mainly used for large face milling. Note when using micro ball nose end mills:

1.No matter how many blades micro ball nose end mills, first blade with vertical axis grinding flat, this is the test of your kungfu skills key;

2. Grinding wheel to be polished, to see the tip of each blade as a benchmark, to retain the tip as a principle, grinding the front, rear angle, vice rear angle, and edge deflection angle;

Micro Ball Nose End Mills

3. The selection of the angle suggested to view the milling process books, have a detailed introduction;

4. After the completion of a platform, the milling cutter will stand up, if the axis is vertical, all blade tips can point to point, blade deflection angle is even, that is basically OK.

Aitefasi is a professional carbide supplier that integrates processing, production, technical service, and sales, and operates export processing of carbide tools and other non-standard shaped products. The above product-Micro Carbide Ball End Mill, which is one of the main products of the company, has the characteristics of sharpness, smooth chip removal, and no tool pattern.

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