Ball Nose End Mill

The Micro Carbide Ball End Mills supplied by Aitefasi are often used to process round parts, such as metal bearing grooves on machines. Micro Carbide Ball End Mills, also known as Micro Carbide Ball End Mills, are widely used in manufacturing tools and molds, and machining complex 3D profiles with smooth finish. The ball nose end mills are very durable and feature a range of surface coatings tailored for milling materials ranging from plastics to titanium and steel alloys.

Our ball nose end mills are ground to a full radius equal to half the diameter of the tool and cut with the edge centered. They can be single ended or double ended and can be made of solid carbide or various high-speed steels. They can be universal or high-performance geometry. They can be used for milling large corner radius, full radius notching and contour or contour milling. Smaller diameter can be used for engraving. They are available in a variety of standard sizes and lengths.

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