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How to extend the service life of Tungsten carbide reamer
 May 19, 2021|View:542

During the machining process, a part of Tungsten carbide reamer has to be in physical contact with the workpiece and thus needs to withstand severe cutting temperatures and long-lasting friction. In addition to the material of Tungsten carbide reamer must have the ability to withstand such high cutting temperatures as well as cutting forces, how can we extend the service life of Tungsten carbide reamer in the process of use?

Tungsten carbide reamer

Human operation details.

1. Tighten the screws of Tungsten carbide reamer

Tightening the screws of the tool is actually very simple, but each tightening method, tightening angle and tightening force are different. The method, angle and force can affect the life of the cutting tool and the stability of the machining process. In addition to the educational training that operators need to attend, the situation can be improved with torque limiting screwdrivers and torque limiting wrenches.

2. Strictly meet the cutting parameters of Tungsten carbide reamer

Cutting parameters include cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut. These parameters have a great impact on the life of the cutting tool. Among them, the cutting speed has the greatest impact, usually, the cutting tool manufacturer will provide cutting parameters for customer reference.

3. Pay attention to the material of the workpiece

Material workpiece material can be divided into copper, aluminum, mild steel, alloy steel, tool steel, nickel-based alloy, stainless steel, etc.. Each material has different characteristics, and the material characteristics of these materials workpiece will also affect the life of the cutting tool.

4.Check the tool holder

Tool holder wear may vary and can be affected by each operator's habits. It is recommended to check the tool holder before replacing the cutting tool with a new one. Because when the tool holder is worn, it affects the stability of the machining process and also affects the life of the cutting tool.

5. Condition of the machine

Because vibration occurs during the machining process, if the stability of the machine is not good during the machining process, it will affect the life of the cutting tool and will also lead to too large dimensional tolerance and rough surface of the machined part. Therefore, it is very important how to choose the machine. The machine must usually be maintained and mechanical consumables must be replaced regularly. During installation and disassembly, it must be cleaned and maintained.

6. The difference between cutting fluids

In addition to improving lubrication during metal processing, cutting fluids have cleaning, rust prevention and cooling functions. Cutting fluids are essential in the field of turning. In addition to choosing the right cutting fluid, it needs to be replaced regularly with new cutting fluid before it can be used.

7. Whether to use high-pressure cutting cooling system

High temperature water vapor is generated when the workpiece is processed, and the water vapor on the surface of the workpiece will block the attachment of the cutting fluid. The cutting fluid can achieve cooling effect by direct contact between the workpiece and the cutting tool tip by the pressurized cutting fluid. When the cutting edge is less likely to overheat, it will improve the cutting parameters and also allow for effective chip evacuation during machining and prevent chip entanglement on the cutting edge.

Factors of Tungsten carbide reamer itself.

1. Material of Tungsten carbide reamer

Tungsten carbide steel is very hard and is commonly used as a material for cutting tools. Tungsten carbide steel itself contains carbon, tungsten, cobalt and other alloy materials to enhance its performance.

2.Coating of Tungsten carbide reamer

A thin film is formed on the surface of the cutting tool by chemical or physical methods so that the cutting tool can obtain excellent overall cutting performance to meet the cutting requirements. Compared with uncoated cutting tools, coated cutting tools have obvious advantages: they can significantly increase the service life of cutting tools; effectively improve cutting efficiency; improve machining accuracy and significantly improve the surface quality of the workpiece being machined; and effectively reduce tool material consumption. Due to modern technological advances, more coating technologies have been developed for application on cutting tools. It can be used according to the material and characteristics of the workpiece to be machined.

3. Dimensions of Tungsten carbide reamer

Depending on the shape and size of the workpiece to be machined, the type and size of the cutting tool required will vary. When choosing the right cutting tool, the machining application must be considered. Choosing an inappropriate cutting tool size may result in vibration during machining, disturbances in the machining process, cracked cutting tool tips, rapid wear of cutting tool tips, and cutting tool wrapped tips.

Suppliers of tungsten carbide reamer

Several of these factors need to be considered, whether the Tungsten carbide reamer is being used for testing on a new project or for improvement development. Follow up with a good tool life record in order to extend the Tungsten carbide reamer life.
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