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Tips for using Micro Carbide Ball End Mill
 Jan 14, 2022|View:9

Micro Carbide Ball End Mill is one of the most commonly used milling cutters for CNC machine tools. There are cutting tools on both the cylindrical surface and the End face of the Ball Mill.

When you use Micro Carbide Ball End Mill, you need to put it in a jacket, because the factory of Micro Carbide Ball End Mill is coated with rust-proof oil, so when you install Micro Carbide Ball End Mill, the jacket should be cleaned and re-sheathed so that the Micro Carbide Ball End Mill does not stick out or even fall out of the jacket during operation, eliminating unnecessary causes for scrap. Also has the hilt and the jacket very clean situation drop the knife, needs to clamp the nut vigorously, or should choose the knife hilt with the flat notch and the corresponding side locking way. Another problem is that in the absence of any of the above, the Micro Carbide Ball End Mill broke at the End of the chuck. This is because the chuck has been in use too long and the hole is worn, need a new tool holder. In order to improve the processing efficiency, should choose as far as possible the high-efficiency tool and the tool handle.

Micro Carbide Ball End Mill

When there is tool vibration, we should consider reducing cutting speed and feed speed, if both have reduced 40% there is still a large vibration, then we should consider reducing the amount of eating knife.

If resonance occurs in the machining system, it may be caused by factors such as excessive cutting speed, low feed speed, insufficient rigidity of the tool system, the insufficient clamping force of the workpiece, and workpiece shape or clamping method, at this point should be taken to adjust the cutting parameters, increase the stiffness of the tool system, improve the feed speed and other measures.

Micro Carbide Ball End Mill

Aitefasi is a professional carbide supplier that integrates processing, production, technical service and sales, and operates export processing of carbide tools and other non-standard shaped products. The above product-Micro Carbide Ball End Mill, which is one of the main products of the company, has the characteristics of sharpness, smooth chip removal, and no tool pattern.

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