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Solid carbide milling cutter cutting part of material requirements
 Jan 13, 2022|View:10

A solid carbide milling cutter is a kind of cutter made of hard alloy, which is mainly used in NC Machining Center and NC engraving machines. It can also be mounted on a common milling machine to process some relatively hard and uncomplicated heat treatment materials. Basic requirements for cutting part of materials with milling cutters:

Solid carbide milling cutter

1) high hardness and wear resistance: at room temperature, solid carbide milling cutter’s cutting parts must be hard enough to cut into the workpiece; high wear resistance prevents the tool from wearing out and extends its service life.

2) good heat resistance: solid carbide milling cutter generates a lot of heat during the cutting process, especially at high cutting speeds at very high temperatures. Therefore, the tool material should have good heat resistance, be able to maintain high hardness at high temperatures, and have the ability to continue cutting. This property of high-temperature hardness, also known as thermal hardness or red hardness.

Solid carbide milling cutter

3) high strength and good toughness: solid carbide milling cutter has to withstand a lot of impact during the cutting process, so the tool material must be strong or it will break and break. As the solid carbide milling cutter is subject to shock and vibration, the milling cutter material should also be flexible enough to resist breakage.

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