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Hardness testing method of solid carbide milling cutter
 Jan 12, 2022|View:13

A solid carbide milling cutteris a kind of metal. The hardness test can reflect the difference of mechanical properties of solid carbide milling cutter under different chemical composition, structure, and heat treatment conditions, therefore, the hardness test is widely used to test the properties of solid carbide milling cutter, to supervise the correctness of heat treatment process and to study new materials.

It belongs to the non-destructive test, the test method is relatively simple. The hardness testing of the solid carbide milling cutter is adaptable to the shape and size of its specimen, and the testing efficiency is high. In addition, the hardness of solid carbide milling cutter has a certain relationship with other physical properties.

solid carbide milling cutter

For example, the solid carbide milling cutter hardness test and the tensile test are basically tests for the ability of metals to resist plastic deformation, and both are tests for similar properties of metals to some extent. Therefore, the test results are completely comparable with each other. Solid carbide milling cutter tensile test equipment is large, complex, sample preparation, low test efficiency, for many metal materials, there is a hardness test and tensile test conversion table available. Therefore, more and more hardness tests and less tensile tests are used to test the mechanical properties of the solid carbide milling cutter.

solid carbide milling cutter

The hardness of the solid carbide milling cutter is mainly measured by the Rockwell hardness tester. The PHR series portable Rockwell hardness tester is ideal for testing the hardness of a solid carbide milling cutter. The weight accuracy of the instrument is the same as that of the bench Rockwell hardness tester, so it is very convenient to use and carry.

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