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Cutting characteristics of Micro Carbide Ball End Mill
 Jan 11, 2022|View:13

Micro Carbide Ball End Millis a kind of reasonable new structural cutter for machining complex curved surfaces on an NC machine tool. It is also one of the important cutting tools used in finishing machining complex 3D curved surfaces, its unique edge shape makes the Micro Carbide Ball End Mill high precision, long tool life, and can be axial feed, it meets the needs of complex space surface automatic machining.

Micro Carbide Ball End Mil

Micro Carbide Ball End Mill manufacturing is generally used grinding processing, its grinding is a Micro Carbide Ball End Mill production of a very key process. At present, there are two kinds of grinding methods used in China: one is to use simple grinding equipment to grinding, this method can not grinding out the structural parameters needed for Micro Carbide Ball End Mill, due to the poor precision and quality of the products, the use of Micro Carbide Ball End Mill is limited: another kind of imported expensive five-axis four-action grinding machine for grinding. As a new type of cutting tool, the design, and processing of Micro Carbide Ball End Mill have its particularity, its design is complex, the requirements for machining machine tools are very high because the use of five-axis four-linkage machine tools is more common abroad, the grinding of complex cutting tools is easy to realize, and the grinding technology has reached a high level. The products have the characteristics of diversification and practicality.

Micro Carbide Ball End Mil

Micro Carbide Ball End Mill is point contact processing, so the machining surface precision is particularly high, in the mold, free-form surface CNC machining plays an important role.

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