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Improved life of solid carbide milling cutter
 Jan 10, 2022|View:19

The solid carbide milling cutter is particularly important for the high temperature and heat resistance of the coating. Because of the high hardness of the coating, oxidation resistance temperature is also very high characteristics and has excellent tool wear resistance. At the same time, the current tool holder is a very high clamping force of the thermal expansion tool holder. Now the thermal expansion tool holder has a higher beating precision and is used by finishing centers in many cases. The solid carbide milling cutter can also be used for rough machining because of its strong clamping force and low vibration. So to increase the life of the solid carbide milling cutter, the following points should be noted:

(1) reasonable selection of cutting parameters. The amount of cutting will affect the durability of the solid carbide milling cutter. Excessive depth of cut and feed will increase the cutting force and accelerate the wear and tear of the solid carbide milling cutter. So the right amount of cutting can extend the life of the solid carbide milling cutter.

(2) improve solid carbide milling cutter geometry. Solid carbide milling cutter angle and blade shape affect the change of cutting force. As the front angle increases, chip deformation is small, cutting light, cutting force, and cutting heat drop. On the premise of ensuring the strength of the solid carbide milling cutter, a large rake angle should be taken as far as possible. When the main deflection angle is reduced, the length of the cutting edge is increased, the cutting heat is relatively dispersed, and the sharp angle is increased, which can cause the cutting temperature to drop.

solid carbide milling cutter

(3) grasp and adjust the best cutting conditions, set good cutting conditions, and give maintenance. The solid carbide milling cutter has a good working environment by knowing the cutting state of accessories and adjusting it timely through vibration analysis. Once the solid carbide milling cutter is replaced, the dimensions must be adjusted to ensure proper tightening and cutting conditions.

(4)reasonable selection of milling cutter materials. The cutting performance of a solid carbide milling cutter is greatly affected by workpiece materials and processing conditions. Processing of different materials, to know how to choose different tools, to adapt to the requirements of cutting.

solid carbide milling cutter

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