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Two milling methods of solid carbide milling cutter
 Jan 07, 2022|View:35

The solid carbide milling cutter has two main milling modes with respect to the feed direction of the workpiece and the rotation direction of the cutter:

The first is forward milling, where the milling cutter rotates in the same direction as the feed direction of the cutting. At the beginning of cutting, the cutter bites the workpiece and cuts the final chip.

The second is reverse milling, the direction of rotation of the milling cutter is opposite to the feed direction of cutting, the milling cutter must slip a section on the workpiece before starting cutting, with the thickness of cutting as zero, the maximum cutting thickness is achieved by the end of cutting.

solid carbide milling cutter

When milling, the cutting force will press the workpiece to the worktable, reverse milling when the cutting force leaves the worktable. Due to the best cutting effect of down milling, usually, the first choice is down milling, only when there is a thread clearance problem or down milling can not solve the problem, only consider the inverse milling.

The cutting edge of the solid carbide milling cutteris subjected to impact loads each time it is cut. The magnitude of the loads depends on the cross-section of the chip, the workpiece material, and the type of cutting. Ideally, the diameter of the milling cutter should be larger than the width of the workpiece, and the axis of the milling cutter should always be slightly away from the centerline of the workpiece. When the cutting tool is placed on the cutting center, it is easy to produce a burr. The direction of the radial cutting force will change as the cutting edge enters and exits the cutting, the spindle of the machine tool may vibrate and be damaged, the blade may fracture and the machined surface will be very rough, and the solid carbide milling cutter is slightly off-center, the direction of the cutting force will no longer fluctuate and the cutter will acquire a preload.

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