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Life of solid carbide end mill
 Jul 24, 2019|View:1246

The life of cemented solid carbide end mill usually depends on different workpieces and tool materials, as well as different cutting processes.

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There are several main factors that can affect the life of cemented solid carbide end mill:

1. Carbide End Milling Tool Matrix

The matrix properties of cemented solid carbide end mill can be changed by changing the particle size of tungsten carbide in the range of 1-5 micron. The particle size of matrix material plays an important role in cutting performance and tool life. The smaller the particle size, the better the tool wear resistance. On the contrary, the bigger the particle size, the better the strength and toughness of the tool. Fine-grained matrix is mainly used to process blades of aviation grade materials such as titanium alloy, Inconel alloy and other superalloys.

In addition, better toughness can be obtained by increasing the cobalt content of cemented carbide tool materials by 6%-12%. Therefore, the requirement of specific cutting can be met by adjusting cobalt content, whether toughness or wear resistance.

2. Selection of Coating for solid carbide end mill

Coating also helps to improve the cutting performance of cutting tools. Current coating technologies include:

TiN coating: This is a universal PVD and CVD coating, which can improve the hardness and oxidation temperature of cutting tools.

(2) TiCN coating: The hardness and surface finish of the coating were improved by adding carbon element to TiN.

(3) TiAlN and AlTiN coatings: the composite application of alumina (Al2O3) coatings and these coatings can improve the tool life of high temperature cutting. Alumina coating is especially suitable for dry cutting and near-dry cutting. AlTiN coatings have higher Al content and higher surface hardness than TiAlN coatings with higher Ti content. AlTiN coatings are usually used in high speed cutting.

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