Performance advantages of Carbide Milling Cutter
 Aug 09, 2019|View:230

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(1) The service life of cemented Carbide Milling Cutter is too long, which saves the time of frequent tool change and tool alignment.

(2) Suitable for high-speed (8000-40000 rpm), dry processing, no cutting fluid, environmentally friendly and reliable;

(3) The dimension of the workpiece is stable after processing to ensure the tolerance of the workpiece size and position. The roughness of products processed with carbide milling cutter can reach Ra0.8-Ra0.16, which can replace grinding process and greatly improve efficiency.

(4) Because of the material characteristics of carbide milling cutter, it can process hard-to-machine composite materials such as carbide, ceramics, marble, sintered alloy and high silicon aluminum alloy.

Etfas Tool Factory has many years of experience in producing cemented carbide milling cutters. It has accumulated rich experience in tool production. The cemented carbide milling cutters produced are of high quality and low price. Welcome new and old customers to order and use them.

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